Korri Lacalamita

Production Artist

Designer by day, cat cuddler by night.

A little bit of Louise Fili at your local grocery store

If you live in Florida like me, it’s likely you’ve seen this package design in your local Publix freezer section. When I first saw this grabbing my monthly Ben & Jerry’s I was immediately drawn into the packaging and put down my Ben & Jerry’s to buy this (slightly pricey but worth it) Gelato that I had never even heard of before. Later I had to research who made the design and lo and behold it was designed by none other then Louise Fili, a very well known graphic designer known for her typography & heavy Italian influences. Kind of cool to see such a well known designers work in your local grocery store, so I had to share.

Inktober 2017

Every year artists all over the world take part in Inktober, creating one drawing a day for 31 days using only ink. It’s a great way to sharpen your skills and get back into drawing if you been stuck or uninspired. Participants are welcome to use their own prompts for each day but the creator of Inktober, Jake Parker, provides an official Inktober list every year. Hoping to share a few of my drawings here later next month!


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